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Hot Rocks - Rolling Stones Tribute

As close to The Rolling Stones as you can get.

Date Location Address City State Cover
Sat 9/21/19 9:00 PM Curragh Irish Pub 1800 Tower Dr. Glenview IL
Fri 10/4/19 9:00 PM Evanston Rocks 1012 Church St. Evanston IL

Hot Rocks Rolling Stones Tribute with the sound, the look, the costumes and the energy. -Selected by Paramount-Stones-Scorsese to represent the Midwest. -Featured in the news, TV and radio, performing for all ages at all types of public and private events. Contact Hot Rocks for your next event. -Recent quote: On The Waterfront Festival, David Brearley,'I knew they were good, but I didn't know they were that good! We want Hot Rocks back next year.'