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Thank you!!!!!

-Kathleen Vaughan

Great Site !! Love my summer concerts and can find a place to go every day on this site. Thank You !!!


Thank you for putting "the band back together" A one-stop place to go for some of your local venues & bands playing in the area!

-Kristina Rigdon

It's nice that someone appreciates and help support live entertainment


Great website, thank you for letting us know about all the great bands playing!! Joanne

-Joanne Thomiszer

Awesome website! Thank you for helping out all the great bands!!!

-Nick from The Incognitos

Thanks for letting us know about this at SPRA

-Paul Iams, Ac•Rock

Nice site - though we'd "give it a go!"


Great job on this site.we appreciate the job you do on this site.Ron(Claremont Drive)


Great site! Keep up the good work!

-Bob (Bossydog)

Very nice site!

-Lori (Meteors fan)

Wishing you success with the website and thank you!

-Greg (Renditions)

Wishing you great success with this awesome new site... TJ

-Tom (Meteors)

I like the site but you need METAL!!!!!!\m/

-Thrax Zoulias

Great new website. So easy to use and filter the bands you like.

-60's rocker

Thanks for making band searching easier. I am enjoying this new webside.